Design as three dimensional storytelling. That is my primary goal and interest. What brings me back to set design over and over again is the opportunity to tell a story with scenery; to be of service to a script, a playwright or screenwriter.


It is something I will never master. Each project is brand new; the collaboration is always new, even with familiar faces. The best intentions can go awry and the best successes are always mysterious. I will always do this, it is my way to participate in the craft of theatre which I most humbly and utterly respect.

I have practiced it with companies ranging from Disney Imagineering and Entertainment to Universal Creative and Art and Design to Berkshire Theatre Group to Mark Taper Forum's New Works Festival to The Actor's Gang in Los Angeles. I have worked with directors such as Jessica Kubzansky, Lisa Petersen, Eric Davis, Cynthia White, Lisa Tricomi, Robert Egan and David Schweizer. I obtained a graduate degree from CalArts in Scenic Design and have done that and only that since I was 17. Here's to another 30 years!